I found that fascinating and not a burden at all. Welcome to /r/MedicalSchool: An international community for medical students. About Community Welcome to the Residency subreddit, a community of interns and residents who are just trying to make it through training! Is there any truth to that? Interviews are important: I picked my particular residency on the basis of it having extremely smart, and very interesting residents. Makes you have to think less if you’re the resident, and then the job becomes charting and putting in orders, detached from the care—makes it less meaningful. Go for it. [03:20] General Summary. Clerkship Grades: 3rd Year - Honors in Psychiatry, Honors in Child Psychiatry Elective, High Pass Family. We welcome your interest in Advocate Lutheran General Hospital’s Psychiatry Residency Program. there are some good people at the kaiser oakland program and so it has the potential to be good. The psychopharm patients, yes, several times.). Of those, many work in private practice (in large metro areas), some are health system-based (e.g., Kaiser, VA, county). It's so program dependent. Guide to Applying for Psychiatric Residency. Where I went to medical school, lots of residents had the goal of being in by 830 and done by 3 without spending meaningful time with their patient. Lifestyle in residency has been great so far compared to my colleagues doing residencies in surgery and IM. Usually, you trade with a colleague. You might not get the most respect from your medical colleagues. columbia psychiatry residency reddit. In general, psych residency is not particularly physically demanding, life experiences help, and you can do a psych residency after you have done a different residency. You will talk to a lot of annoying patients. 301k members in the medicalschool community. Psychiatry residents complain a lot. You almost never touch a patient (except if you do physical exams). I wrote for a lot of DM and HTM meds. Apply to the Best Psychiatry Residency Programs . Honestly that’s not normal in my experience. You can check your voicemail periodically. Many, many more. I've heard from some residents that there's a few workhorse programs where you put in tons of hours but in all of the ones I know of it drops off after the first year and picks up if you decide to do a year as a chief, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the medicalschool community. Looking at residency matches, it seems like schools have a "pattern" in which prestigious programs students get into. VA: busy or slow, depends. Pretty much any specialty involving surgery at all (including obgyn) is 80-90 hours a week which is like doing his residency with an additional unpaid part time job. I saw a girl labeled "child bipolar" (treatment-resistant! Why is bipolar in quotes? Are you sure he's not counting moonlighting hours in that? Psychiatry rotations are also of obvious importance to international medical graduates seeking positions in the field. You can have an answering service screen your calls and only put through emergencies. Fine. 329 votes, 166 comments. Workload depends a lot on the situation, so hard to generalize. Also: psych tends to have more older students than other disciplines. You can put a message on your work voicemail telling them to go to the closest ER in an emergency. Want to focus on women's issues? I got my first job basically by word of mouth (and a small amount of luck). Do these count as being "on call"? All about perspective I guess. Our program provides comprehensive in-depth training in all aspects of psychiatry at diverse training sites in a collaborative, collegial and supportive environment. If you became aware of your desire to be a great psychiatrist you should start thinking about the needed requirements for it. You might get assaulted/injured. Each resident is a member of a seminar-size class, so interactive learning and individual instruction and mentoring are provided. ), on five antidepressant, mood stabilizer, or antipsychotic medications. You are (nearly always) working in the same ward, so you see some of the same patients again (medical students and resident only see the world through 1-month slices). Personal statement showing passion for psych, strong letters, good interviewing to corroborate passion and interpersonal skills are … Asking for someone to look over a design. Can be easy to non-existent, or can be brutal. So there are 32 more psychiatry programs than there are pediatric programs. Psych seemed the least routine with the most interesting stories, patients, etc. Congratulations on choosing one of the most exciting fields in medicine. Inpatients rotations are typically 8am-5pm (or so). In solo private practice, you are the boss, you set your hours, and charge what you want. Matching Program Information and Match Statistics. You are in charge. columbia psychiatry residency reddit. Working 2-3 weekend shifts as a 4th year psych Resident sounds absurd. UNC Psychiatry residents are well prepared for their choice of practice setting, be it academic, public sector, … Continued I'm doing what I do now entirely because of a personal connection. Psychiatry is hard: it can be emotionally demanding (some patients are very needy/manipulative). Was this a bad way to reason things out? You might have to drive to court for involuntary civil commitment proceedings (depends on your state/county). the oakland and santa clara programs are quite new. PGY-1. I've seen: Korsakoff syndrome. The real problem was "parent-child mismatch". Because it is so fuzzy, it requires clear, logical thinking. Very common for PGY-4's to work an extra 20-30hrs/week moonlighting to double or triple their salary. More psychotherapy patients. PGY-3. They have the time to do so. That Bottom Line is really confusing to me: I enjoyed most of medicine that I experienced (except OBgyn). Most places are 8-5p max and a few in CA don't even have call. Our mission is to provide quality didactic and clinical training to interested and enthusiastic residents, in order to cultivate highly skilled psychiatrists with an ethical and humane approach to patient care. Residency. You'll get very little exposure to private practice during residency (and none during medical school). I'm a PGY-2, averaging 35-45hrs/week. On the other hand, they don't always know what they are talking about. You do those things yourself, or get someone else to do them. The 1,054 U.S. senior medical school graduates who filled those slots were joined by 666 U.S. and non-U.S. graduates of international medical schools as well as graduates of U.S. schools from previous years. I did mostly inpatient, and also some Psych ER and Consult/Liaison work. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. There's no reason a PGY-4 should be working those hours. No one asked about child psych. Horrible stories about physical abuse. The UCI Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior faculty has a long and distinguished history of training top-notch psychiatrists in a balanced, evidence-based and patient-centered manner. Cookies help us deliver our Services. What you do matters. I go to a USMD medical school at a university program and one of the residents expressed that psych is actually not as chill as people make it out to be. You can accept insurance or not. Psych resident here. I did well in medical school, but it was mostly P/F and only got honors in Biostats and Neurology (not Psych!). Sounds awful. It's a matter of semantics. There is high demand (esp Autism, ADHD, "bipolar") and the salaries are high. In 2020, psychiatry had a total of 2,486 applicants and1,858 spots. This is a subreddit specifically for interns and residents to get together and discuss issues concerning their training and medicine/surgery. What is wrong about residency is that ultimately most psychiatrists work in clinics, not hospitals. I learned more in the first 2.5 years as an attending than in residency (maybe even including medical school). Are PP psychiatrists really expected to field phone calls 24/7? I'm a (former) attending in academic settings (LA and Bay Area). It depends a lot on the situation, but yes, possible. You may learn more from your fellow residents than from some attendings. Your reasoning seems sounds. wtf is he doing in psych at 630am...ive never been on a psych service that starts before 830 and they all still end around 4-5 at the latest. From surgery to IM, I couldn't really pick. What is wrong about residency is that ultimately most psychiatrists work in clinics, not hospitals. PGY-4. How does having uninsured patients affect the day to day of private practice? The patient should think you are conversing with them – but meanwhile you are filling out your mental database. I did a research fellowship and became a teaching attending. Thanks for doing this thread. I know several colleagues who were. Psych can seem easy: you talk to your patients, and make a dx. A lot of what you do in psychiatry is not taught in the textbooks. I do occasionally hear grumbling from psychiatrists that they miss "real medicine" so you should keep that in mind as well. Psychiatry Residency. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I think we have more actual awake/engaged contact time with patients than other specialties. Psych resident chiming in: most of the programs I interviewed at, people worked maybe 40-45hrs per week plus call. People make decisions in all kinds of ways, so as long as you explored enough specialties and chose what you thought was most practical or went with your gut based on all the information you had, you’ll most likely be fine. Most of the time you can get away with this. I loved my GenSurg rotations as an MS3, but I'd be a very unhappy surgeon. You don't want to go somewhere that has people working 70hrs in their 4th year. I considered doing one of the combined programs in IM/Psych, but ultimately decided that combined programs are mostly not a great idea. Workload: you can nearly always get the work done during normal working hours. Also, sometimes kids are way overmedicated on the basis of a tenuous diagnosis. It would be kind of neat if we could roll them in, gas them, crank on Journeys greatest hits and do CBT while the patient was asleep but we haven't figured that out yet. Now if I'm in a clinic from 8-5p, at least 85% of that time is actually spent in an office listening and working with the patient. Ugh. It's hard to make an informed choice. It is an exciting time in Savannah as we continue to grow our training program and prepare to welcome our third class of residents in July 2021. Ashley, Tiffany, and Belinda Chief Residents… Tbh what you're describing is pretty chill for a resident. If 70hr weeks is as bad as it gets for him, that's still not too bad relative to other specialties. Residents' Journal, published online monthly with The American Journal of Psychiatry, serves as a forum for psychiatry residents and fellows to share ideas and experiences in training, clinical practice, research and careers with colleagues. johns hopkins psychiatry residency reddit. I don't think I could actually work 70hrs in the outpatient setting. If you're reading this and you're a resident who wants to share your specialty experience, check out this post to see some requests, and then start your own "Why you should go into X" thread in the sub. Unfortunately, most MS Psych rotations aren't a very good way to figure out if you want to be a psychiatrist. She was adopted and had occasional temper tantrums; she didn't fit in to her family of high-achieving upper-middle class professionals. Great. Want to do mostly psychopharm? Of those, many work in private practice (in large metro areas), some are health system-based (e.g., Kaiser, VA, county). Employed: this is nearly all 8-5. If you didn't get any new admits overnight, and no one is leaving that day, then you are easily done by late morning. I've generally just heard psychiatrists give out a crisis card that basically says call the ED if you're having an emergency. Sure. After your finish: probably take the boards, and get a job (self or employer). You can't do that and churn out patients. Comparing it with other specialties, pediatrics has 204 programs. The longer answer is that in private practice you can craft your practice to focus on particular conditions or areas. Good: not much new to memorize. You can give your cell/pager number directly to patients, or not, it's your choice. There are 236 programs in psychiatry. A lot of psych residents don’t take pride in the relationship with their patient either or spend little time getting to know the patient outside of the structured interview. It's easy to move somewhere else after medical school, and gets progressively more difficult as your life settles down. I don't have a good sense of the frequency of all these options across the US, but I'm sure it varies. Psychiatry Residency didactics are each Thursdays, with junior residents (PGY-1 and PGY-2) attending morning lectures and Grand Rounds, and senior residents (PGY-3 and PGY-4) attending morning lectures and afternoon supplemental didactics activities. I went to medical school because i wanted to be a psychiatrist and this thread is helping me figure things out. Psychiatry residents become adept at working with patients from all socio-economic levels and diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. If you at the top of your game, you will be able to fix things that other psychiatrists (and psychotherapists, and other MDs) didn't. This is a subreddit specifically for interns and residents to get together and discuss issues concerning their training and medicine/surgery. The psych resident said he worked 70 hrs/week, with call once a week, and 2-3 weekends per month averaging a 14 hr shift on those weekends. The only way I could stratify what I wanted to do was lifestyle, and that pretty much solidified psych. I was never injured, but a couple of times it came close. In many venues you will get to spend a lot of time talking to patients – for a psychotherapy patient this could be a couple of years or longer. Depending on the clinic, you may need to be available by phone at other times (if you patient shows up on the wrong day in crisis). Bottom line: please don't pick psychiatry just because of the hours/lifestyle. Lots of effects of physical/mental abuse. Research/ Publications: 1 first-author pub, 10 posters, running own research projects. This is a subreddit specifically for interns and residents to get together and discuss issues concerning their training and medicine/surgery. When you have built up your practice, you can get very picky. of course the purpose of these programs is to get people to work at kaiser for life. I'm a little conflicted with the reality I see before me and what's presented on Reddit. Lots of substance abuse. I go to a USMD medical school at a university program and one of the residents expressed that psych is actually not as chill as people make it out to be. This partnership is as unique as El Paso itself, a “bridge” linking a … kaiser fontana is apparently awful. Some of it is careful problem solving, some just reflects the inadequacies of our diagnostic and treatment systems.