(See Figure 3) A. PNX-44011 for Black, and PNX-44010 for Chrome). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for PerTronix 40011 Flame-Thrower 40,000 Volt 1.5 ohm Coil at Amazon.com. Save on PerTronix 40511 Flame-Thrower Coil 40,000 Volt 3.0 ohm Black 40511 at Advance Auto Parts. (The matching Flamethrower III Coil is under Summit Racing Part No. £32.36. Your Mustang, Bronco or F-100 truck turned restomod deserves some premium-quality updates after all those years on the road, so grab this today! Track Order. I ordered the pertronix for a SVDA dizzy, and a flamethrower coil. £21.79. Free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $35. Recommended Installation: Many vehicles came equipped with ballast resistor or resistance wire. Air temperature by now was at the high point of the day, about 91 degrees. If not, the arrangement will not function as it ought to be. The points and coil were removed and replaced with an 1181LSC Lobe Sensor Ignitor and a 40011 Flame-Thrower coil. Products to Compare (max of 3) X. 2. Upgrading older points-style ignition systems to modern electronic units is a popular upgrade. £27.20. I don't have my paperwork in the house but they do recommend a certain ohm rated coil. 7. PerTronix is expanding its ever-popular line of Flame-Thrower Coils. If I'm not mistaken the Pertronix (but not the P-III) can be run either with the resistor wire connected to the coil or also with a full 12 volts. Replacing the antiquated mechanical points with accurate and dependable electronic components increases the engine's performance and fuel economy. PerTronix 40001 Flame-Thrower Coil, Chrome made by PerTronix, for as low as $40.51. Aramox 12 Volt Ignition Coil,3 Ohm Non Ballast Ignition Coil for Lucas 12 Volt Applications DLB101 3.0 out of 5 stars 1. Flamethrower II high performance coil. ... First installed was the pertronix unit, fairly straight forward, pull the points and condenser off and replace with the pertronix. PerTronix will feature an array of new products at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV, including:. PerTronix D3001 - PerTronix Flame-Thrower HEI and TFI Ignition Coils Ignition Coil, Flame-Thrower E-Core, In-Cap, Epoxy, Black, 50,000 V, GM, White Wire, Each Part Number: PNX-D3001 Only 2 left in stock. Track Order. They are now offering coils for late model GM, Chrysler, and Ford applications. this means that if the ignitor has a fault, it will not operate at all.. if the vehicle has an intermittent fault, at certain times or revs, this is generally an I think the cost for both to my door was @$170. Each component ought to be placed and linked to different parts in particular manner. Nov 30, 2014 #8. Products to Compare (max of 3) X. Loosen the coil clamp and remove the existing coil. I bought and installed a pertronix set in my Chrysler distributor using their { pertronix } flame thrower coil. Order ships free when this item is included and exceeds $99. Direct OEM replacement form factor and … Connect the wires that were removed from the negative coil Its higher voltage allows largerspark plug gaps for added power, smoother response and better fuel economy. Both coil and wires are sold separately from this item. 5. Call 800.979.0122, 7am-10pm, everyday. PerTronix® - Flame-Thrower™ Canister Ignition Coil Without Mounting Bracket Installation instruction Warranty All PerTronix® products are guaranteed to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship. It is a perfect complement to the PerTronix Ignitor Ignition equipped distributors. I had a misfire problem with mine. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. My 2F Pertronix and Flamethrower coil came with instructions that it was only to be used with a ballast resistor connected in series with the coil - this acts as a current limiter. PerTronix is one … The guy at petronix said to raise it using a garden hose washer. Pertronix SVDA (12V) Distributor with Flamethrower 1 Electronic Points Device -- can only be used/run with a 3.0 OHM Coil and Pertronix recommends NON-metal core plug wires. Pertronix 45001 Ignition Coil Flame-Thrower (R) III. PerTronix Performance Products has announced a complete line of performance replacement coils for popular GM LS engine applications. 6. Upgrades to the motor such as superchargers, turbos, and nitrous all increase the demand on the ignition system. ArtH Well-Known Member. For more on Pertronix go to www.pertronix.com 4xNGK Laser Platinum Spark Plugs PFR7S8EG 1675 4.3 out of 5 stars 16. Attach the red Ignitor II wire to the positive coil terminal. The coils are epoxy molded to prevent premature failure from moisture or winding fatigue. Install the Flame-Thrower II coil into the coil clamp and tighten into place. Flame-Thrower™ Ignition Coil-on Plug (30728) by PerTronix®. At 6500 RPM the Ignitor II/Coil II combo is still providing twice the spark energy of … 0 Reviews. Pertronix 45011 Flame-Thrower II Ignition Coil, 6 Volt, 0.6 Ohm made by PerTronix, for as low as $43.41. 3, 4 The PerTronix Flame-Thrower coil and high-performance 7mm wires are high-quality components that are not only designed to work in concert with … While it’s the perfect coil to go with the PerTronix Ignitor breakerless ignition, our 40,000 volt Flame-Thrower canister coil can benefit virtually any distributor type inductive system. Re: Pertronix Ignitor ---anyone had problems? Messages: 204 Likes Received: 31. At 1:08 PM we recorded our best ET and MPH with the Lobe Sensor setup - 14.588 sec @ 96.49 mph. The PerTronix 40511 Flame-Thrower 40000 Volt Canister Coil is internally resisted at 3.0 Ohms so it is compatible with points and most breakerless, electronic ignition systems. "PerTronix Flamethrower coils are among the highest quality ignition coils you can buy today. Order this upgraded PerTronix Flame-Thrower II 45,000 Volt Oil Filled Ignition Coil from CJ Pony Parts today! Its higher voltage allows larger spark plug gaps for added power, smoother response, and better fuel economy. After installing the new Pertronix distributor, the red and black wires from the Ignitor III unit are hooked to the positive and negative leads on the new coil, per the instructions. The engine is a 1600. They confirmed the previous statement about the charging system - make sure it wasn't over or under charging. These coils are internally resisted so installation and wiring is drastically simplified. An advantage of the III over the II, is that it does not require the removal of the distributor. I called petronix and they said if the gap is good to check the hieght of the wheel. We perform an enormous amount of testing to ensure that each coil meets our quality standards. See related products below for compatible coil and plug-wire options. The Pertronix III is also a Multi Spark Discharge unit, has a built in REV limiter. troubleshooting tips for your pertronix ignitor® and coil installation first, read the instructions that came with your kit or coil! Compare These Parts Talk to the Experts. Call 800.979.0122, 7am-10pm, everyday. Joined: Aug 25, 2011 PerTronix Performance Products Flame-Thrower 40,000 Volt Ignition Coil The 40,000 volt Flame-Thrower canister coil can benefit virtually any distributor type inductive system. I'm running the Pertronix III with the FlameThrower III coil with the top painted mustard yellow. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. 3 yrs now no problems. Flame-Thrower® Coils for LS Engines. When combined with a PerTronix 45,000 V Flame-Thrower Coil II or one of the Flame-Thrower HV/HC Coils, the Ignitor II develops an average of 4 times the spark energy of a points system between 3000 and 5000 RPM. Make sure the coil is suitable - they suggested a standard oil-filled coil with 3-ohms resistance for road use and a resin-filled coil with 1.5-ohms resistance for race use (quoting Lucas numbers 40511 - possibly 40501 - for road use and 40111 for race use). SEMA preview courtesy of PerTronix:. I did that and never had any more problems. note: the pertronix ignitor is effectively a "go" or "no" system. Attach the black Ignitor II wire to the negative coil terminal. The oil filled coil has a black finish for those going for a stock appearance. Pertronix Ignitor Wiring Diagram – pertronix ignition wiring diagram, pertronix ignitor ii wiring diagram, pertronix ignitor iii wiring diagram, Every electrical arrangement is made up of various different components. They said if it is sitting to low it will not pick up properly. Bosch 0221119030 Ignition Coil 4.2 out of 5 stars 25. Feature an optimized coil design which increases the spark energy by 15% over the OEM coils. The Pertronix III with a V8 uses a .32 primary resistance coil that enables fast charging. Note: If the Flame-Thrower II Coil does not fit properly in the existing coil clamp, purchase PerTronix chrome clamp #5907 or zinc clamp #5906. With some coils, if you leave the ignition on for long periods without the motor ticking over (pulsing) then this can lead to overheating and eventually coil failure. Compare These Parts Talk to the Experts. Buy Pertronix 40511 40,000 V Flame-Thrower 3 ohm Coil Epoxy Filled at Walmart.com