⚙️ Results Publications & theses. Nov 3, 11 AM – 1 PM, Week 1, Introduction to R and RStudio, Project Management with RStudio and Seeking Help (link to recording) Nov 10, 11 AM – 1 PM, Week 2, Data Structures (no recording available) Nov 17, 11 AM – 1 PM, Week 3, Exploring Data Frames, Subsetting Data (link to recording) Nov 24 NO CLASS Thanksgiving Holiday I linked Marked to vim with the instructions from A Whole lot of Bollocks’ blog post so that I can hit -m and have the file I’m editing open in Marked. Featuring educators from Europe and the U.S. Online via … Introduction to R and Reproducible Research Monday 24 Aug 2020 Friday 28 Aug 2020. Here, we first describe in Preparing your system how you need to set up your computer so that everything plays well together. “The collection of reproducible research papers will expand. Reproducible research is. But this version is just one milestone for the project, Fomel says. Book now. Normal work: git … You could use GitHub as a place to store project files together or manage everything using a electronic lab notebook such as Benchling, Labguru,or SciNote. Introduction Tools For RR Is the juice worth the squeeze? The best thing about this method is that it’s pretty much editor agnostic. New technologies are increasing the rate of data collection, creating datasets that are more complex and extremely high dimensional. Developing my skills. Week 2: Reproducible Research. Graduate Research Hub. The theses page presents all BSc and MSc theses with a relation to o2r project goals and tasks.. Assignment: Reproducible Research / Week 4 / Course Project 2 OVERVIEW Weather events cause public health and economic problems for communities and municipalities. There is nothing to turn in for this assignment. In principle, reproducibility in research can be achieved without electronic documents and that is how we started. Introduction to R and Reproducible Research. Basically, we started making R Markdown files, which is a way of combining R code with formatted text. via Zoom. Our basic goal is reproducible research. Week 3: Reproducible Research Checklist & Evidence-based Data Analysis This week covers what one could call a basic check list for ensuring that a data analysis is reproducible. Introduction to R and Reproducible Research. documented, version controlled, automated with a build script, written as a literate program, with all dependencies managed. ... You will have to return to your project in a week, a month, or a year, and you will have to make changes to calculations, visualization, and data. Getting Started¶. But I want everyone to do the following: Open up the project1 project we made in class, or just open up RStudio. This analysis examines the damaging effects of severe weather conditions (e.g. Reproducible Pitch Presentation. Tag(s): Collection, Reproducibility Knowledge … Author(s): Ball et al. An ambitious effort to replicate 100 research findings in psychology ended last week — and the data look worrying. While it's not absolutely sufficient to follow the check list, it provides a necessary minimum standard that would be applicable to almost any area of analysis. Reproducible Research 1. It is now possible to collect a large amount of data about personal movement using activity monitoring devices such as a Fitbit, Nike Fuelband, or Jawbone Up. A collection of course syllabi from any discipline featuring content to examine or improve open and reproducible research practices. Hosted on the Open Science Framework Thus, this course is really for anyone who is doing any intensive data research. Presentation slides. Reproducible research is a concept borrowed from the sciences, which are currently working on ways to make research reproducible. Reproducible Research Course by Eric C. Anderson for (NOAA/SWFSC) ... Edit this page. A collection of course syllabi from any discipline featuring content to examine or improve open and reproducible research practices. https://www.epfl.ch/labs/lcav/research/reproducible_research By Garret Christensen (BITSS) Representatives from BITSS (CEGA Faculty Director Ted Miguel, CEGA Executive Director Temina Madon, and BITSS Assistant Project Scientist Garret Christensen--that's me) spent Monday and Tuesday of this week at a very interesting workshop at the Center for Open Science aimed at creating standards for promoting reproducible research in the social … New papers out about 'Practical Reproducibility in Geo' and the 'Rockerverse' 14 Oct 2020 | Daniel Nüst. Professional development and training. The electronic document is our means to this end. Centralize and organize your project management using an online platform, a central repository, or folder for all research files. Assignment 2 Do This Before the Thursday class of Week 1. Coursera > Developing Data Products > Week 4 : Peer-Graded Assignment part 2 . We hope to diversify from geophysics to other scientific fields that work with large multidimensional data. Course description. Our first nonelectronic reproducible document was a textbook in which the paper document contained the name of a program script in every figure caption. Data on how much of the scientific literature is reproducible are rare and generally bleak. Which of the following is a reason why publishing reproducible research is increasingly important?. Please find a complete list of publications, talks and posters on the publications page and respective files in the o2r community on Zenodo.. Primary user(s): Student, Teacher, Researchers. Access study documents, get answers to your study questions, and connect with real tutors for PSY 216 : Psychology of Personality at Southern New Hampshire University. Subject area(s): Applied Science, Life Science, Social Science. Introduction Tools For RR Is the juice worth the squeeze? In Configuring your new project, you will find detailed explanations on what you may want to choose when configuring the templates for your needs.Once you are done with that, you may want to check the Tips and tricks for starting a new project … March 5, 2021 - April 30, 2021 Symposium on Instruction in Reproducible Research Sponsored by Project TIER. Reproducible Research - Week 2 The material this week is pretty interesting stuff, but not really substantial enough for a whole week. My attempt at explaining reproducible research.. Git. Coursera > Data Science Specialization - Johns Hopkins University > Capstone Project > Week 2 . Most studies today are small-scale and easily replicated. Type of resources: Reading. Week 2 - Best practices for spreadsheets/ Learning to use data produced by others ... Week 13 - Project workshop time / Participatory models for bigger science Week 14 - Preparing a paper for publication / The future of open science and reproducible research About. What emerged were two clear messages: 1) We all have our own overlapping definitions of the desirable features of Computing power is limited today, making it difficult to apply sophisticated statistical methods. Teaching Integrity in Empirical Research Project TIER. ... An example knitr document for Coursera Reproducible Research course. There will be better tools for large-scale parallel computations and better documentation for existing tools. Managing my graduate research project. Reproducible Research (RR) and Biostatistics Sahir Rai Bhatnagar 1 January 23, 2014 1McGill Biostats Reading Group 1 / 38 2. Marked doesn’t care what editor you use as long as it’s editing markdown. o2r is an open project, so all our components are openly developed on GitHub. Set-up a reproducible project. So, I get to use the only text editor I’ve ever liked: vim! Sep 3, 2014. Specifications & documentation. Last week, on July 3rd, we held an on-line hackathon on reproducible research issues. Severe events result in fatalities, injuries, and damage. Email to join project, access articles, or add other syllabi. 7 months ago. Today the principles and techniques of reproducible research are more important than ever, across diverse disciplines from astrophysics to political science. github repo for rest of specialization: Data Science Coursera Introduction. Reproducible Research. No one wants to do research that can’t be reproduced. Predicting and/or preventing these outcomes is a primary objective.