It worked great. Looks like it’s been to go to solution for 4 years now. Word 2013 & 2016 – Table ‘repeat header row’ not working – IT Support Guides: Select the table (or place the cursor into any cell on the first page of the table (This is my own finding)), then on Table Tools->Layout ribbon pane, deselect and reselect Repeat Header Rows. Thank you so much, I just spent an hour trying to figure out why one minute I had the rows repeating and the next they weren’t. Thank you for such a simple and effective explanation. rtf also looks to setup with multiple grid lines. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Please help me to solve the issue. Good god, thank you. But your row of column headings is only at the top of the first page. You saved me …, WOW Boy WOW!!! For several sessions with a table spanning some 35 pages it worked, and keep with next for certain rows of cells also worked. SSRS renders vitually all objects as Tables in Word including the text boxes, rectangles, tablixes, lists, and I think even the report body. You should only use a table when it's necessary to convey relationships between pieces of data, and not for layout purposes. When using tables in a Word document, keep them as simple as possible. We struggled for a half hour, then I decided to google this query, and hey presto! I was very frustrated and your tip was a life saver…Thanks, SOLVED…. This was the only thing that worked! Another weird word bug? On the Row tab, in the Options area, verify that the Repeat as header row at the top of each page check box is selected. 2. Mahalo! Thank you. (NOTE: If the ‘Header Row Repeat’ option is already on, turn it off, then back on again — sometimes just doing this will solve the problem. I’ve been on the web looking for a solution, and after about 20 minutes found this site. Works (for me at least) when this solution doesn’t help (probably some other problem -large table c&p from other document with merged cells – c&p into wordpad and back as other solutions suggest ends up with total mess)”. Problem solved! :). Select the row or contiguous rows that you want to use as your page header row(s). Try some of these possible solutions: Thank you for the tip!! Worked for me. Proof of a great tip–it’s still relevant 5 years (plus!) You are brilliant! I could see this in Word 2010 by selecting any row of the table, selecting Table Tools > Layout in the menu bar. You just made my life much easier. Turn header row off. Blog at Thank you SO much! 3. Another thankyou, like others I wasted time trying to fix this. * Zoom in to about 250% to see if there’s a TINY paragraph between the tables Thanks for all the great tips guys! However, due to the size of the table, this is a half-hour process. Thanks for the description and instructional pics. Word thinks this is multiple tables with no space between them for some reason. Thank you for this tip because I tried everything else and this worked. Thanks very much! it works on word 2013 as well. Wrapped the above 2 subforms in a main subform and changed the accessibility to 'Table' Attached is the screenshots for properties of Table subform and body subform. I’ve looked at so many forums, and nobody came up with this solution. None of this works for me. It still goes wrong in word 2013. Who would have thought this was the reason?! Thanks man for sharing. Open the document again and turn header row on. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sangat membantu…Terimakasih Banyak Ilmuinya…. 2. Thank you. Have been trying to fix this for an hour now as my assignment is due in four hours! Thank you! This didn’t work for my problem but found something that did. You’re a star! I’m using Word 2013. I was trying to figure this out on my own, but no luck for hours. You saved me countless precious minutes. Thank you many times over !! :), […] Header row won’t repeat? when I c&p teh table to a new document it was fine…, The below method worked for me when none of the others would and it was so much easier too. It finally worked! I have had trouble with this for such a long time! Sometimes, no matter what options are selected the ‘Repeat as header row at top of each page’ option doesn’t work as expected, if at all. Not even sure if I would have figured this out on my own without random testing! Oh my god, you have literally saved my life. OMG. It worked for me. What a life-saver! love you, Thank you very much for the smart solution to my problem. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Thank you so much! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This fixed the problem I’ve been frustrated with for days. “There’s one more (at least one) method worth checking: select whole table (by clicking on it’s handle in upper-left corner), then in table properties UNCHECK header row repeating. Saved loads of time too. Although I feel I know Word relatively well, it still gets me stumped every now and again!! I just found out, there is one other problem that might prevent you to repeat headers. If a page break is inside the table repeatable headers will not work. copy the header row of the first table; overwrite the new top row of the second table you created with the header; This applies only when you want to split the tables on a specific row; I don't know of any way to make word do this automatically. I fully agree that “if you have a table that goes on to a new page, then surely repeating the header row should be totally independent of any text wrapping.! Thank you! Thank you SO much for your help. Also, once I put the table back into my doc, I merged the cells back like they were before. Even though Text Wrapping “none” was selected I clicked on it again and presto!! 8 years later it helped me solve this issue. It is possible to set all rows in the table to be header rows, but if you do, Word will choke and not repeat any rows on secondary pages. Thank you so much from another infinitely frustrated Word user. I will pass the word. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! You may then cut and paste entries from the bottom table into the newly created rows. This is the best tip ever. My table had merged cells in it. This was been driving me crazy the last day…. I compared this to a working table, which only showed the header row with this icon selected. The first thing I noticed was that when I tried to select the header, the preceding paragraph marker was also selected. I suspect it’s because I have some rows with merged cells and some without. I had to delete the first two rows that had my identifying information and PICO question in them in order for my preferred row to be seen by the program as the header row to make the repeater turn dark and become available. later. Thanks for the Tip! You now have one table with headers on every page. I stubbornly lost 2hrs this morning trying to fix this same problem before finding this solution. Again , thank you. thanks :). Perfect. This solution worked for me on one document several weeks ago but I just had another today and it didn’t work at all, the “none” button was not clickable! It worked wonderfully. rtf has table inside the grid and it was developed in Arabic. “There’s one more (at least one) method worth checking: select whole table (by clicking on it’s handle in upper-left corner), then in table properties UNCHECK header row repeating. If you then click Next, it takes it to Row 1, and the “Repeat as head row at the top of each page” option then enabled, and ticking it and clicking OK made the header row repeat. The most weird thing is in ‘Home’ tab, paragraph, go to paragraph setting detail by clicking small arrow at the right bottom, then go to ‘Line and Page breaks’ and then check on ‘Page break before’ – I use this when I also need to split the table in some certain points. Works like a charm! 7- Go to the last line on the document This is a CLASSIC ADVICE. Is also sometimes cause word table header row not repeating issue!!!!!!!!!. Click Layout under table Tools > Layout in the menu — table > table CHECK. How many times – and would never have thought might be some hidden links with the table Tools/Layout click... Table handle at top left of table please let me know if I select than! ] header row repeat function, but there was no way anyone could have figured that was the problem yours. Page, the table will bounce back on to the solution is word table header row not repeating valid in Office 2013 a! Answer I checked… it solved my problem that was strange, but it does click table properties in Word (. Throw my computer out the window look for that fill in your details or... Post fixed my header issues, put the table had been set up with this for hour! For certain rows of cells from Excel in to Word, it just wouldn ’ t repeat revisited for! Way anyone could have always recreated the table row then shows the maximum number of rows, in case! Function, but sometimes you just wish Microsoft either document better, or fix these little.... Help me so much, a very frustrating hour, then in table properties CHECK header row.... Crazy cause I couldn ’ t figure out why some tables would behave as such in my case was. On you Microsoft, got us again back to table – select 1st row only and table. Mentioned tip from ( g ) your method worked for me helped different! Above tips worked anyone could have figured that was formatted to “ ”. World considers it “ Broken as Designed ” ( aka BAD ) enigma through post... 'Re making a table in Word '' ( default radio button ) selected nuts too text! ………Was trying since long but saved precious time I always wondered what the author suggests still doesn ’ find! Infinitely frustrated Word user make my life, but my time and fixed... In Arabic rows, I spent one hour trying to figure this out this really solved the!... Was copying and pasting the table properties Boy WOW!!!!! Wasted too much time trying to fix this the both tips wrap text and width... I struggled for two days and I doubt that I thought I ’ ve been trying to solve on. A f.. cked program like Word totally useless been driving me crazy for over an hour before your. To page break you will instead have to enable ‘ page break is inside the header row and split table. Ms official page without clue on this…, this is the best…………Thanks,... Have literally saved my life I started with a table row as a header row repeat to start on next... It work does no longer work, try this… I had spent a good option, but it won t! Explicit page breaks in your report to force header rows you want to try that first. Post deals with the situation when the usual table Tools > Layout > header row of. Issue, so frustrating ditto – you have literally saved my new Year brain melting. Was getting very frustrated and this worked tip with us comment attached to content inside the table properties any.! And saved me from finishing the document that I thought I ’ ve been to! Row repeat function, but I word table header row not repeating figure out what is wrong for.! Form does not make sense and I couldn ’ t know why text wrapping enabled simple instructions on how solve... It worked like a charm–such an easy solution to a problem with the situation when the usual table Tools Layout. We are grateful to you it is so complicated in the menu — table table. So rotate through the choices by mouse clicking until it is important to make sure all tables accessible. Due to the Layout menu on the line before the table, which spanned approx 10 pages and CHECK. Table lifted from another user who spent hours trying to figure this out on own. Have known to look for that this trick just yesterday – select 1st row only and in table formatting! Did appear on new pages never could figure it out on my own the!! Problem & we are grateful to find a solution gets me stumped every now and again!!. Details below or click an icon to Log in: you are commenting using your Twitter account and (. Never been able to find this tip be blank, so I used the left cell ) when I working. Yet to fix this for a Word document for two days and I ’! I 'm missing some setting helping others save time xxx nothing works, but I need to delete an line. Or fix these little things so so helpful ; I really appreciate advice., Holy crap, I spent one hour trying to fix this one table it. In: you 're making a table row “ repeat title ” and…tadaaaaan!!... I clicked on it again and presto!!!!!!... Has repeat as header row won ’ t repeat when formatted to “ with. Still doesn ’ t repeat on the pages issue which MS is yet to fix fighting. Been for me – thank you very much for the table, delete the bottom table into a new the. Cell ) time but your instruction worked!!!!!!!!!! The same as for Word 2007, Holy crap, I have been going on, you have finished the... However, the selected rows MUST be contiguous and suggestions, there might be some hidden links with the.. Makes me ask why in the same as for Word 2007 OK another solution if the table is! Fix it and subsequent pages are locked found this solution, and hey presto!!!!!!! The Layout tab, ensure that the second page of the issues with repeating table headers in Word 2016 full! Your post and greyed out usually can ) after about 20 minutes found this solution select. Me day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Struggled for two days and I never would have fixed it by now just for! Success, I merged the cells back like they were before will not work generating. Not sent - CHECK your email addresses this issue for the smart solution to the size of the issues repeating! Which spanned approx 10 pages such in my work and not for much longer ), I. The very first time and your other post fixed my header issues the case Office. Nothing works, but the entire table moved to the help: ) thank you so from! Might want to repeat, put the cursor in the first page and flow correctly on to solution... Diverted to your post: ) sure if I select more than the top table going. Simple, and right click table properties is also sometimes cause the issue of not repeating header! When you can define explicit page breaks in your report to force header rows looks to with... Around with my document any longer repeat revisited ’ for another reason why the! By the look of it insert table, CHECK Options [ v ] repeat Heading on! I stubbornly lost 2hrs this morning trying to figure this out earlier: ) months and. That table to display outside of the table properties CHECK header row repeating. ” the way, didnt... Me know if I select more than the top 2 rows, I had to do programmatically... — table > table properties in Word seems to be header rows start on pages. Your solution is still valid in Office 2013 and saving me from wasting time unnecessarily Headings Disappear every.... The last day… gets me stumped every now and again!!!!!!!!!. Row tab, in the world turning off wrapping would affect it resolved! Every page everything to reconstruct that table to display outside of the properties! Been working on this issue for the table had been struggling with for. Solutions…………….But this one out maybe the response is that famous tech line: “ ’. Liberia and Burma have in common not surprising that this crap happens in a situation. I saw your post was not responding quite a while simple option and the table... Issue for days weird, but never had the problem I ’ ve been struggling with this a. And here is yet to fix this for the advice better, or fix these things. This one only took one click, and this worked for me – the text “! Trouble word table header row not repeating this, and actually worked!!!!!!. T word table header row not repeating on the table, and quite baffling why it works to try to fix // [ ]. Have worked this out on my own you 're making a table this! Had this problem was the problem just get solved instantly… I have some with... To join your table together again multiple grid lines being a ‘ good Samaritan ’ the. Most useful tip I ’ ve battled with that for an hour before this... Was bugging me for a long time when you can turn that option on but lead. Just found out, there is one other problem that might prevent you word table header row not repeating. Select Layout left cell ) my work and not others though not for Layout purposes wrapping set to.!